Delta Omega

Delta Omega Inductees


Student Inductees
Anondo Banerjee, Fall 2017 Dieudonne Nza Bidashimwa, Spring 2017
Jessica R Bradford, Spring 2017 Shima A. Dowla, Summer 2017
Marquita S. Gray, Fall 2017 Sophia Guan, Fall 2017
Patrick Scott Harris, Fall 2017 Demetria M. Hubbard, Fall 2017
Katherine M Hymel, Spring 2017 Karan Hirenkumar Jani, Spring 2017
Matthew D. Moore, Fall 2017 Reshmi Mukerji, Summer 2017
Anna Joy G Rogers, Spring 2017 Will Rutland, Spring 2017
Katie Anne Schlotman, Fall 2017 Swati Sakhuja, Summer 2017
Hayley Eli Seama, Spring 2017 Bria A. Wilson, Fall 2017
Faculty and Alumni Inductees
Kevin Fontaine, Faculty, Fall 2017 Tina Simpson, Alumni, Fall 2017
Julie Preskitt, Faculty, Fall 2017


2015 - 2016

Jamie Lee Benjamin, MPH James B. Chenoweth, MPH
Lisandro Damian Colantonio, PhD Dale Dickinson, PhD
Constance L. Gundacker, MPH Brittney Renea Henderson, MPH
Theodule Jean Baptiste, MPH Kaylene J. Logan, MPH
Jinal V. Patel, MPH Aarin Palomares, MPH
Yesenia R. Rector, MPH  

2014 - 2015

Edith M. Douglas, MPH Samantha Sittig Goldfarg, PhD
Chelsea Hale, MPH Jessica Lander, MPH
Alexandra Linley, MPH Harsh N. Shah, MPH
Amber Salter, PhD Chelsea Singleton, PhD

2013 - 2014

Samantha L. Connell, MSPH Evan L. Floyd, PhD
Rebecca Hanaker, MPH Stephanie M. Mathis, MPH
Tapan S. Mehta, PhD Yuko Tsuruta, MPH

2012 - 2013

David Allison, PhD John Baddley, MD, MSPH
Angela Baumann, PhD John P. Donnelly, MSPH
Anne E. Epstein, MPH Evelyn C. Interis, MPH
Rodney Joseph, PhD Erin M. Kaufmann, MPH
Hana M. Nasr, MPH Emily J. Vogtmann, PhD

2011 - 2012

Anastasia Arynchyna, MPH Priya Chandan, MPH
Michael Crawford, MPH Kelsey Jordan, MPH
Charles Katholi, PhD Yulia Khodneva, PhD
Philip Musa, MPH Krunal Sevak, MPH
Herpreet Thind, PhD Divvy Upadhyay, MPH
Valerie Yeager, DrPH  


2010 - 2011

Sally Dover, MPH Jo Anne Goot-Balanay, PhD
Gwendolyn Hudson, PhD Omar Mohiuddin, MPH
Michael Morrisey, PhD Uzoma Onwuzuligbo, MPH
Taylor Poston, MPH Jamie Powell, MPH
Nathan Smith, MPH Kathleen Smyrski, MPH
Jamie Stiller, MPH Emily Turbergen, MPH


2009 - 2010

Dora Adoboe, MPH Olufemi Aduroja, MPH
Janet Bronstein, PhD Andrea Carcelen, MPH
Susan Chandler, MPH Naomi Chen, MPH
Natalie De La Cruz, PhD Steven Garmon, MPH
Sarah Hemmings, MPH Ann Montgomery, PhD
Jeralyn Powell, MPH Andrea Schertzer, MPH
Faisal Shuaib, DrPH Meghan Tipre, MSPH
Marianne Vandromme, MSPH Kayte Vucurevich, MPH


2008 - 2009

Kartikey Acharya, MPH Josh Argo, MSPH
Mary Kate Baker, MPH John Bentley, MS
Kathryn A. Brigham, MPH Henna Budhwani, MPH
Keokunthea Dy, MPH Isabel Garces, DrPH
Kerri Howard, MS John O. Ilonze, MPH
Ombobolawa Kukoyi, MPH Augusta Uwah, MPH
Jessica Watson, MPH Hollace Whitlock, MPH


Founded in 1924, Delta Omega is the honorary society for graduate studies in public health. The society was established to celebrate excellent academic achievement, devotion to public health principles and outstanding service in public health. Membership categories include: student, alumni, faculty, honorary, and emeriti.

The Upsilon Chapter, established at UAB in 1989 by Elizabeth Delzell, ScD, has inducted 325 members (students, alumni and faculty) who promote scholarly pursuits in public health at the UAB School of Public Health and in the community at large.

Members are inducted annually based upon outstanding performance in scholarship, teaching, and community service in the public health arena.

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Selection of Student Members (Graduate and Undergraduate):

Nominating committee meets and selects from eligible students based on:

  • Leadership and achievements in:
    • Research
    • Scholarly activity
    • Service
  • Upper twenty-five percent (25%) in class standing
  • GPA of at least 3.75
  • Letter of Endorsement (letter of support) from an SOPH Faculty Chapter Member - Click here for the SOPH Delta Omega Faculty List
  • Plans to follow a career in public health. 
  • Limited to 20% or fewer of students from any graduating class.
  • Eligible students notified of nomination

More Information

Current officers:

Robin Lanzi, PhD President 


 Martha Wingate, PhD and Susan Davies, PhD Induction Committee
Suzanne Judd, PhD Program Committee
TBD Bylaws Committee
Janet Turan, PhD and Lisa McCormick, DrPH Nominations Committee